Hi, dear reader. With this site I intend simply to contribute to the knowledge of East Asia and Oceania in Spain, especially in the field of my research, mutual contacts during the contemporary era. The preferred areas have been Japan and Siam (Thailand), as well as the Philippine Islands and Micronesia after 1898. This site groups my work published in other media, but also includes statistics and other documentation developed for research, especially for doctoral theses, as well as some other contributions that have interesting results, stories such as bibliographies, links and other texts Elaborated for teaching. I include more parts of what I consider to be my vital curriculum, stories such as the quotations or poems he took from the readings (“Others boast of the pages they have written. Pictures of the trips and those intense moments with my son, As far as possible, I also intend to include in the future something other than supposedly poetic text of young times (and not so much), as well as more photographs, whether personal or related to mutual perceptions.I have no intention, At least for the moment, to write a girl: neither seduce me nor I think she said many things of interest writing volapluma – no time to rethink, rework and eventually dismiss me. The structure of this page is centered on the topics about what you wrote, on the left side divided by theme (although there is a lot to do, apologies) and in this main part, moving the cursor down, sorted according to language, format and Year Thank you for visiting, FRG