Spanish Falange in the Philippines, 1936-1945

Florentino Rodao Philippine Studies (Manila), Ateneo de Manila University, Volume 43, 1, First Quarter, pp.3-27 Spanish version: “Falange Española en Extremo Oriente, 1936-45” Revista Española del Pacífico, Vol. 3, pp. 85-111.Asociación Española de Estudios del Pacífico, 1994. The Spanish Civil War did not only influence the Philippines as a major international issue in the newly-born […]

Franco’s Spain and the Japanese Empire (1937-1945)

Florentino Rodao Bulletin of Portuguese- Japanese Studies BPJS, 2005, 10/11, 243-262     Relations between Spain and Japan were anomalous over the course of the seven years during which the Sino-Japanese war lasted, because they attained an unprecedented importance that would not be witnessed for a long time to come after this period. Despite the […]

The Castilians discover Siam: Changing Visions and Self-Discovery

  Florentino Rodao   Journal of the Siam Society 2007, vol. 95: 1-23   Abstract Iberians were the first people in Europe to interact directly with Siam. Centuries elapsed between the time the first information about Siam was received in the Iberian Peninsula and the period when its rulers perceived this Asian territory in a […]

Monsignor Olano, A Bishop in World War II

Florentino Rodao   Micronesian Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences. ISSN 1449-7336 This is a peer reviewed contribution. Received: 23 Jul 2005 Revised: 16 Apr 2006 Accepted: 20 May 2006 Vol. 4, Nº 2. Rainy Season Issue, December 2005 HeritageFeatures Internacional, PO Box 3440, Albury NSW 2640, Australia Monsignor Olano, the last Spanish bishop […]

Spanish expansion, 1675-1899

Florentino Rodao     In the early period of exploration and rivalry between SPAIN AND PORTUGAL IN THE PACIFIC (1519-1605), contacts with Pacific islanders were limited to trade, occasional landings and shipwrecks which introduced the survivors to some knowledge of Pacific cultures. From mid 17th century until 1819, however, the Philippines became a major outpost […]

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